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You’re looking to get a new truck, but you don’t need to tow 12,000-plus pounds. There’s no reason to waste all that extra money on a full-size truck, but you love the pickup truck style. That’s where a good midsize model comes into play. While midsize trucks such as the Nissan Frontier are smaller than their full-size companions, that doesn’t mean they’re tiny. In fact, while midsize trucks used to be considered “cramped” and “weak,” they’re now keeping right up with larger trucks when it comes to space and even capability. The Frontier is one of the best examples of this, and when you’re ready to take one of these models home, Illini Nissan is the Nissan Frontier dealer for you.

We’ve got both new and used Frontier trucks on our lot, providing you with plenty of buying options. So, whether you want a 2022 PRO-4X for serious off-roading, a simple 2017 base model to commute with, or anything in between, Illini Nissan is stocked and ready. And we pride ourselves on more than just our inventory. Between our express maintenance servicing, in-house financing, and low prices, we make sure you don’t waste any time purchasing from us.

A grey 2022 Nissan Frontier is shown from the front parked in a field after leaving a Nissan Frontier dealer.

Frontier History

Before you go to purchase a new or used Frontier, it’s important that you know where it all began and just how long the Frontier has been in the making. While Nissan is well-known for its commuter-friendly cars and SUVs, don’t let that throw you off. Trucks are at the forefront of Nissan’s success, and the Frontier is a large part of its progress.

Nissan has a long history of creating truck models, and more specifically, “small” trucks. In fact, the first-ever compact truck was created by Nissan in 1957. This model was called the “Datsun 220” and is still popular among truck enthusiasts. However, as a compact truck, the 220 was a bit too small for most consumers. As a result, roughly 30 years after creating the Datsun 220, Nissan introduced the larger Frontier model for 1998.

The first-generation Frontier ran from 1998 to 2003. When it was first released, the Frontier’s design was centered more on compact size than capability. It came with a standard 4-cylinder engine, quickly upgrading to a V6 option by 1999. By the final year of the first generation, it was normal for 4x4 Frontier models to include a standard V6 engine, falling more in line with what most drivers expected out of a truck.

In 2004, the second-generation Frontier could tow as much as 6,500 pounds, with a payload of 1,515 pounds, which is more than enough for the average driver. This much power could handle all your average towing needs, as it was enough to handle fishing boats, small trailers, and ATVs.

Today, the latest generation Frontier can tow and haul more than ever before. Plus, it’s now off-road capable, thanks to the PRO-4X’s debut. While the Frontier began modestly, it quickly developed into a capable model, even within its first generation. But despite its growth in capability and size, the Frontier doesn’t lose its convenience. This model still proves to be more accessible and easier to navigate than any full-size truck, which is part of why it remains so well-loved.

Not every vehicle boasts a solid fan following. In fact, it’s hard to stay unique in the automotive world, especially since competitors simply copy each other by barely one-upping specs and scores. However, the Frontier’s perfect balance of size and capability keeps customers coming back, model after model. Thanks to years of loyal fans, you’ll find everything from Frontier-themed fan clubs and forums to Reddit threads and in-person meetups!

A grey 2022 Nissan Frontier is shown from the front parked in the mountains.

The 2022 Frontier

Now that you’ve seen how well the Frontier performs overall, prepare to be mind-blown by its latest model, the 2022 Frontier. This model offers more standard horsepower than any other truck in its class, it’s packed with safety technology, and you don’t even have to get the PRO-4X to achieve off-roading capability. (Although, if you consider yourself a hardcore off-roader, we do think the PRO-4X is worth checking into!)

Let’s start off by looking at safety features. Lackluster safety technology is a major issue with truck models. However, the 2022 Frontier breaks this trend by adding standard Safety Shield 360, a safety suite that includes several driver-assist features at no additional cost. These include the following features:

  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning
  • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
  • RearView Monitor
  • Intelligent Driver Alertness

In addition to these standard features, you can add on the Intelligent AroundView Monitor to see what’s really there. When you’re off-road and need to avoid rocks and logs, or you’re in the grocery store parking lot trying to dodge shopping carts, this camera system is there to help. In short, it doesn’t matter if you’re on or off the pavement; these safety technologies are sure to help you feel more secure.

Now that we’ve seen the Frontier’s safety features, let’s not forget about the next best thing, which is off-roading capability. Even aside from the PRO-4X, the Frontier includes optimal ground clearance and 4-wheel LO and HI options. However, when you upgrade to the PRO-4X, you’ll get even more hardcore off-roading features, including three different skid plates, off-roading tires, an electronic locking rear differential, and much more.

While the Frontier is excellent no matter what year you choose, we can confidently say that the new 2022 model raised the bar.

A grey 2022 Nissan Frontier is shown from the side off-roading in the desert.

Illini Nissan is Here to Help

Illini Nissan is here for more than just your initial purchase. We’re also a top provider for your maintenance and upgrade wants and needs. We’ll help you out with routine care visits, checking your tires and brakes, and changing your oil. Every truck needs regular maintenance, and our service center is here to help.

In addition to your regular maintenance, though, we even offer conveniences such as towing services, car washes, loaner models, and much more. We also work hard to cater equally to all our customers. When you bring your car in, you can stay for some free coffee and wifi. However, if you’re busy, you can take one of our loaners to work or school. No matter what your schedule looks like, we’re here to help make service easy.


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