2024 Nissan Leaf

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  • Overview

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    In the past few years, there has been a huge shift in the American automotive industry toward electric vehicles (EVs). This rise is due to a number of factors, such as rising gas prices, an increased dedication to the environment and sustainability, and a desire to lower carbon emissions. Another significant factor in EV popularity is government programs and rewards for those purchasing electric cars. Federal tax credits, state rebates, and investments in charging stations have made it more appealing for both drivers and automakers to make the switch. Also, there has been a lot of research and development in the car industry to improve battery technology, which has led to longer driving ranges and shorter charging times. These factors aren’t the only ones causing automotive makers to take notice. In fact, it’s the shift in what today’s drivers want in their vehicles that might be the biggest factor.

    This shift has prompted some manufacturers to create dynamic goals, such as Nissan’s Ambition 2030 plan. Part of that plan, which spans beyond 2030, states the brand will achieve carbon neutrality and the production of zero-emission vehicles by 2050 and make those vehicles accessible for the everyday driver. You can experience one of the vehicles along that path now by choosing the 2024 Nissan LEAF. The Nissan LEAF first debuted in 2010 as a fully electric five-door hatchback. The first generation LEAF offered a range of 109 miles, depending on conditions such as driving style, weather, and traffic patterns. Further redesigns of the LEAF included aerodynamic styling to improve this range and offer a sleek and modern look.

    Today, the 2024 Nissan LEAF is in its second generation. It provides an excellent option if you want an electric vehicle that is great for day-to-day driving around town as you travel to school or work. Our team at Illini Nissan can show you what the LEAF offers and help you choose from our inventory to find the right one for you.


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  • Performance

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    The 2024 Nissan LEAF is a strong contender when you need an everyday vehicle to take you from point A to point B. The EPA estimated combined city/highway driving range for the LEAF S is 149 miles. Using an EPA conversion formula, Nissan estimates that the LEAF SV can reach a range of 212 miles. In addition, you get the thrill of instant torque thanks to the electric drivetrain that responds instantly when you hit the accelerator. The Nissan LEAF changes the way you drive with e-Pedal capabilities. This innovation allows you to press down for the power you need to move forward and ease off the e-Pedal to engage its regenerative braking system.

    For even better range, you can activate Eco Mode, which enhances efficiency by converting braking energy into the power needed to charge your battery. The Nissan LEAF is also highly responsive on twists and turns thanks to the floor-mounted battery pack that stabilizes your ride with a lowered center of gravity.

    Battery Options

    You have two battery choices for the 2024 model year LEAF. The first—a 40 kWh battery—offers instant acceleration and up to 149 miles of range on a single charge. The second—a 60 kWh battery—gives you a range of up to 212 miles. The trim level you choose allows for this battery selection and range.

    Charging Options

    While that’s all well and good, it’s also important to know where you can charge your 2024 Nissan LEAF. The good news is that you can easily charge it at home using a standard 120-volt outlet. For faster charging, our team can explore your options for installing a 240-volt home charger. Or you can easily access one of many Level 2 chargers across our community.

    The third option, which is the fastest, also relies on community charging. Level 3 Public DC Charging stations can be found by using the EVgo App. Nissan’s partnership with EVgo gives you quick access to one of the nation’s largest charging networks and the confidence you need to hit the road.

  • Comfort/Convenience

    The gray interior and dash of a 2024 Nissan LEAF is shown.

    The 2024 Nissan LEAF might be a compact car, but there’s more to it than what you see on the outside. Both the S and SV PLUS trims give you room for five. You’ll also find an available eight-way adjustable driver’s seat and a four-way adjustable passenger seat. In addition, the rear seat folds down for increased cargo with a 60/40 split. If you choose the SV PLUS trim, you’ll also get relief on chilly mornings with heated front seats and steering wheel.

    Heating Features

    Comfort and convenience continue with Automatic Temperature Control, Nissan Intelligent Key with Push Button Start, and multiple cup and bottle holders for you and your passengers. The top-tier SV PLUS version also helps you see clearly when bright lights are behind you with the Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror. This version has a standard Hybrid heating system as well, which uses a heat pump to warm the interior. It is extra-efficient thanks to electric resistance heating. In essence, it saves battery energy for driving rather than heating the interior space.

    Stay Connected Throughout Your Travels

    You and your passengers can stay connected to the outside world thanks to USB charging ports and a seamless connection to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Also, the LEAF is equipped with Siri Eyes-Free, a Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant, and the Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System, all of which help you remain focused on the road ahead while still connected to your everyday life.

    Each of these features, along with Nissan's Door to Door Navigation with Premium Traffic system that is standard with the SV PLUS trim, can be accessed using the NissanConnect eight-inch color display with multi-touch control. In addition, there is a seven-inch information display that provides you with up-to-date diagnostic information about your vehicle. Our team can walk through each of these comfort and convenience features as you decide which trim—either the S or SV PLUS—meets your needs the best.

  • Safety

    The black dash of a 2024 Nissan LEAF is shown.

    Safety is one of the most important qualities for drivers when shopping for a new vehicle. The good news is that Nissan has long been a front-runner in vehicle safety, offering an entire lineup that focuses on keeping you safe on the road. The 2024 LEAF is equipped with the latest innovations from the Nissan Safety Shield 360 collection. Here are some of the features you’ll find in your new LEAF:

    Automatic Emergency Braking With Pedestrian Detection

    This system is helpful in many environments, including when you’re near campus. The system monitors the road ahead and detects when a pedestrian has entered the roadway, signaling you to slow down. If it senses you’ll be unable to respond in time, it applies the brakes for you to help avoid a collision or lessen its severity.

    Rear Automatic Braking

    This system is similar to Automatic Emergency Braking, but in reverse. It assists you when backing out of a parking spot by scanning the area behind your vehicle for objects you might not see. When an object is detected, you get an alert, allowing you to react. If you cannot react in time, the system applies the brakes for you.

    Blind Spot Warning

    When traveling back and forth along I-57, it’s nice to have a helping hand—in addition to your mirrors—to let you know when it’s safe to change lanes. The system gives you what you need, sending an alert when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot.

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert

    If you’ve ever tried to reverse out of a parking spot at the mall or after picking up the groceries, you know how vital it is to have a clear view of the traffic behind you. This system lets you know what vehicles or objects are approaching from either side so you can reverse with confidence.

    Lane Departure Warning

    It happens to the best of us—especially when we have many things on our minds. This system alerts you when it notices you shifting out of the center of your lane into another. It gives a gentle nudge to the steering wheel and other alerts if needed.

    High Beam Assist

    This system scans the area ahead of your vehicle for light and dark, activating the high beams when you need more light and turning them off when it senses an oncoming vehicle. This prevents you from blinding other drivers and makes the road safer for everyone.

    These are a few of the safety features that Nissan offers. Our team can explore each with you and answer any questions you have as you select the LEAF that best fits your needs.

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