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Rantoul Nissan dealership

Whether it's been one, two, or even ten years since the last time you purchased a new vehicle, you should visit the dealership that serves the Rantoul area best. Your mind is likely already made, and your heart is set on finding the perfect Rantoul Nissan dealership, and at Illini Nissan, we're that dealership. At our facility, you'll find the Nissan vehicle you're searching for, but what's equally as important is our dedicated team of experts who will be your guides during your visit here. We understand that you prefer shopping at a dealership with expert-level knowledge of the vehicle you're investing in. The way we see it at Illini Nissan, why would you make such a large purchase without learning about the product first? Rantoul drivers know what's best for them; the only missing piece is a dealership that can match their expectations. And lo and behold, we're the dealership you've been looking for.

A blue 2022 Nissan Rogue is shown from the front driving on an open road.

Finding What You Need

If a dealership doesn't have a team that cares about quality or value, then it's virtually impossible to get a fair deal. Other dealerships are also fond of using old sales tactics and pushy salesmen. However, we take a more civil approach, and our team will ensure you're getting the best possible deal you can. Have a question about a specific package or how a feature such as a hands-free liftgate works? We have all of the info you need, and we can have you test a feature out on one of our models to get a better idea.

We don't rush you through the process, but it's not a painfully slow experience either. We eliminate the fluff that most sales teams throw your way to lengthen your visit and get you to spend more money than you want to. Our goal is to ensure you have the time to ask every question you have, and we take the time to recommend some options based on your interests or what you expect from your vehicle. Of course, test drives are encouraged, and we agree there's no better way to influence your buying decision than trying the product in a real-world scenario.

Finding what you need also means you can find a vehicle that fits comfortably within your budget. From entry-level models to the more elaborate automobiles on our lot, we have vehicles of many different price ranges, and there are some ways you can save on your purchase too. For example, you can bring your current vehicle in for a trade-in, which you can use as credit towards your purchase, or you can spend the money elsewhere if you'd prefer. Alternatively, our dealership includes an on-site finance center where we will find the right loan or lease option so you can easily get the vehicle of your dreams.

A black 2022 Nissan Titan is angled left after leaving a Rantoul Nissan dealership.

2022 Nissan Models

Nissan positioned itself for a successful 2022. Some of its vehicles have received updates within the past couple of years, most notably the Titan and Rogue. Fans of Nissan, both old and new, are also treated to the brand-new Ariya. As for the Titan and Rogue, both vehicles have received further upgrades to their model refreshes. In the 2022 Kicks and Rogue, you'll get more standard features, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the Nissan Safety Shield 360 safety suite.

Should you invest in the Titan, you'll get additional safety features such as the Rear Automatic Braking standard, which you can add onto models such as the Kicks for a fee. The Titan also comes with Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, allowing the truck to evaluate not one, but two vehicles in front of you, and use the data to warn you of upcoming braking quicker than if it were just detecting the one vehicle ahead.

As for the Ariya, Nissan drivers have plenty to look forward to with this EV. Along with a host of standard safety features and luxurious amenities, drivers are treated to up to 300 miles of range on a single charge. In its best configuration, the Ariya can produce 389 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque, making it a new shining star in Nissan's lineup.

A mechanic is shown preforming a service on a car at a Rantoul Nissan dealership.

We Help With Car Maintenance

Some things are best left to the professionals. Vehicle repairs are one such thing, and the professionals we speak of can be found here at Illini Nissan. Our technicians are all fully certified and have plenty of experience fixing vehicles of all kinds from many manufacturers. Visiting our on-site service center doesn't require that you have shopped here in the past either, as our facility is open to anybody with a vehicle. Your run-of-the-mill services such as oil changes and tire rotations can be done here, and we can go a lot further with a variety of other repair jobs and services too.

Drivers who visit our on-site service center can schedule appointments for a variety of jobs, such as oil changes, fluid top-offs, tire rotations, brake inspections, and premium car washes, among others. We can also give your vehicle a full vacuum and perform a deep clean of the interior if you'd like, and you will get a free car wash after your appointment with us. Although service is done via scheduled appointments, sometimes repairs can be needed when we least expect them. At Illini Nissan, we can tow your vehicle to our repair center in the event of a breakdown, and if it takes more than a day to get your vehicle back into working order, we'll supply you with a rental vehicle.

It wasn't too long ago when service meant you had to forgo an entire afternoon staring at a clock on the wall. At Illini Nissan, you'll be kept comfortable for the duration of your stay, thanks to our amenities. For example, while you're waiting for your vehicle to be ready, you can utilize our free on-site Wi-Fi, which offers blazing-fast internet so you can watch movies, listen to music, or do work on your wireless devices. Starting to feel sleepy? If so, then help yourself to a free cup of coffee or two while you wait, and we offer cable television if you want to watch your favorite show or program. There's no reason to dread visiting the mechanic anymore because, at Illini Nissan, we've turned the grueling experience of waiting at a service center into an enjoyable time where you can relax.

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