2023 Nissan Frontier vs 2023 Chevy Colorado

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  • 2023 Nissan Frontier

    A grey 2023 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x is shown angled left.

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    2023 Chevy Colorado

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    310Horsepower (hp)237
    281Torque (lb-ft)260
    49.2Max Cargo Volume (cu.ft.)41.9

    Coming off a recent generational refresh with the Nissan Frontier, many truck shoppers probably wouldn't expect more goodies to be made available for the 2023 model year, and yet they have continued to bolster the appeal of the Frontier with new packages, updates, and features. The 2023 Colorado has also received a hefty helping of new content for the model year, giving it a striking balance of new features and updated content without straying far from what made the midsize pickup so popular in recent years. When comparing the 2023 Nissan Frontier vs 2023 Chevy Colorado, it's a clash of midsize titans when it comes to capacity, tech, and comfort.

    As mentioned, the 2023 Colorado comes with a bevy of new equipment and features, headlined by the all-new streamlined powertrain line-up, consisting of three different iterations of a 4-cylinder power plant across five different trim formats in both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. The all-new line-up now consists of the base WT trim, the LT, the all-new Trail Boss, the Z71, and the highly popular off-road ZR2. Three of the five trim models have been tuned and geared for off-road use, so Chevy has leaned heavily into that class category for the 2023 Colorado.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum is the 2023 Nissan Frontier, which not only brings with it the new generation looks to the table, offering an exterior design that matches its trim offerings, from work truck appeal up to off-road madness. The Frontier is available across five new trim formats, including the all-new Midnight Edition for the model year.

    The base trim starts with the S and is followed by the SV, while at the upper end of the trim selection are the PRO-X and PRO-4X. Like the Colorado, the Frontier is available in rear-wheel and four-wheel drive for those wanting additional traction control and stability. The Frontier also includes the standard implementation of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for the PRO-X and PRO-4X, along with SV getting all of the Convenience Package contents as a standard inclusion.

  • Capacity

    A grey 2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X is shown from the rear towing an ATV on a trailer.

    While performance may be key for many truck shoppers, capacity is equally important. What good is having a strong-performing truck if you can't fit much in the bed box? In the case of the 2023 Colorado and 2023 Frontier, the capacity category clearly goes to the Frontier in an easy victory thanks to its options and sizes that outclass the Colorado by comparison. The Chevy Colorado is only available with one bed option.

    A Look at the Colorado's Cargo Volume

    The Colorado may be a midsize truck, but it only comes with a short-bed option, so if you were hoping to make use of the capacity, you're fresh out of luck. While the Colorado is available in a crew cab format that can seat up to five people across two rows, you have far fewer options when it comes to how you utilize the space available to you in the rear of the truck. Dimension-wise, a 5'2-foot long bed offers a maximum cargo volume of 41.9 cu.ft. of space. When you compare that to the Frontier, you can see that Nissan's offerings give you more to work with.

    The Frontier's Superior Cargo Volume

    The Frontier is available in two different cab options with two different bed formats. This includes the Frontier Crew Cab and the Frontier King Cab, so you have more options and versatility in how you want Nissan's midsize truck configured for cab layout. The same applies to the bed box, which is available in two different sizes, with a standard 5-ft bed that clocks in at 40.1 cu.ft. of space and a long 6 '1-ft bed that offers 49.2 cu.ft. of space. So you have options when it comes to the Frontier, both in terms of cab layout and bed sizes. So if you wanted to make more use of that space for carrying large or long loads, you get that availability with the Frontier, which you just don't have with the Colorado.

  • Connectivity

    A side view of the interior of a 2023 Nissan Frontier SV is shown during a 2023 Nissan Frontier vs 2023 Chevy Colorado.

    The battle of tech within newer generation models is an ongoing battle where new features and content are added for each new model year. Part of the tech line-up for many newer trucks is the inclusion of connected service suites, sometimes offered by the manufacturer or third-party hosts. Both the 2023 Nissan Frontier and 2023 Chevy Colorado have connected services for owners to make use of, along with a bevy of other tech accouterments that make both trucks worthwhile, from smartphone integration and Bluetooth support to Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity. However, the Frontier has a slight advantage over the Colorado with its connectivity options thanks to NissanConnect.

    The Frontier's Innovative NissanConnect Technology

    The NissanConnect library of features and functionalities gives owners more accessibility to the truck than ever before. This includes the ability to monitor, modify, and access the vehicle remotely. Yes, you can use your smart device to access the vehicle through the MyNISSAN app, enabling you to lock, unlock, and even locate the vehicle utilizing the MyNissan app available for the NissanConnect suite. Additionally, the NissanConnect enables you to use remote services through voice-activated commands thanks to the Alexa-enabled Google Assistant. This gives you unprecedented control and access to your vehicle like never before, all via hands-free technology.

    The Colorado's OnStar & Chevrolet Connected Services Package

    The closest available feature on the Colorado is the OnStar and Chevrolet Connected Services suite, a robust collection of services that drivers can use in case of emergencies, for guidance, or travel help. These services include remote access, in-vehicle apps, and emergency service access. However, there are steep premiums that are required to have the same level of access that you would otherwise get standard or for very low prices with the NissanConnect suite.

    The premium NissanConnect features like remote access and control are available to Frontier owners without any initial monthly subscription fees or high-end premiums. You also have the availability of content like SiriusXM Travel Link and maintenance scheduler that you can access without requiring the same fees associated with the OnStar services, giving you a lot more for a lot less by comparison.

  • Design

    A grey 2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X is shown driving on a dusty dirt road.

    In the realm of in-cabin comfort, the 2023 Frontier and 2023 Colorado are neck-to-neck in features. You get all sorts of amazing features in both vehicles when it comes to interior comfort and even some luxury elements. Both trucks offer leather-appointed seating, as well as power driver seats, and multiple storage options throughout the cabin. You'll also find that both have features like heated front seats, seatback storage, and armrest compartments. However, the Nissan Frontier takes the lead in the comfort area with a few additional features you may not find on the Colorado.

    The Frontier Offers Exceptional Comfort for All on Board

    For instance, while both offer heated seats, on the Frontier, there is an additional comfort feature for passengers sitting in the rear seats. This is thanks to the under-seat heating ducts for the second row. Yes, those in the second row can experience additional comfort, regardless of the weather conditions outside of the vehicle. Add in additional features like the front active head restraints, and it gives the Frontier an ever-so-slight edge when it comes to ensuring that occupants are as comfortable as possible while traveling in the truck.

    The Frontier's Sleek and Stylish Midnight Edition Package

    Another addition to the Frontier for the 2023 model year that isn't available for the 2023 Colorado is the Midnight Edition. This package comes with a blacked-out exterior, 17-inch black-painted alloy wheels, and black accents for the interior cabin and exterior. Combine that with the additional interior comfort features, and you have yourself a luxury midsize pickup, the likes of which you don't have access to specifically for 2023 Colorado, which is more focused on off-roading upgrades. So depending on your preferences for a midsize pickup, those of you looking for something feature-rich, tech-rich, and suitably comfortable within the segment, you have a few more options to explore with the 2023 Nissan Frontier.

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